Taberna Cafe Cliston

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I’ve been going past Taberna Cafe Cliston (Formerly also called Halaal Restaurant) every day on my way to work and always thought I would try it one day…. and finally, I found the courage! From the outside, this place is without doubt, the most unappealing restaurant I’ve ever been to. The stench from the street combined with the rubbish everywhere and the never disappearing crowd next to the restaurant do not exactly entice visitors. And to top it all, when you enter the lack of air conditioning is the first thing you notice, particularly on a hot summer day. But from here on, things can only get better: the warm greetings from the owners and the waitress are a good start. The owners are Somalians and very friendly. Naturally the decor is as basic as it gets, with some seemingly random paintings from different parts of the world: Burj Dubai appears next to Eiffel Tower and a Hawaiian beach… Clearly the Somalian work ethics have been stamped on the staff, as the service was very pleasant and rapid. My food was ready literally within 3 minutes of ordering it! Surely a record in a city where fast food restaurants take at least 15mins to prepare a burger….

Of course, this is no fine dining, but the food is surprisingly good. A big plate of fish or chicken with rice, salad and fries for 600 kwanzas. The only big downside is the lack of Air Conditioning (only fans) , but as the service is so fast you don’t really suffer.

I recommend Halaal Restaurant for lunch if you work nearby, as they serve decent food at very low prices with very fast service.

Actually, after I wrote this review I saw two rats right outside the back of this restaurant. I know it’s more psychological than anything else, but I am honestly not sure if I could ever go back now, even though nobody felt ill after that meal…

Update: I noticed they’ve painted on the “Halaal Restaurant” sign, only keeping the name Taberna Cafe Cliston. I dont know why, or what this suggests but I promise to visit again and investigate… watch this space…

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