Multibocas Restaurante (CLOSED)

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One of the more unsophisticated restaurants on Ilha, Multibocas is located right opposite Tamariz restaurant. It’s a very simple and unpretentious place with a strong local feel. I think most of the customers are regulars, which might explain the surprise look on the waiter’s face when we asked for a menu. For some reason they didn’t have half of the dishes on the menu so we each had to settle for our second or third choice of food. Quite understandable i think given they’re a small restaurant and frankly don’t pretend to be anything else, but still I felt slightly disappointed not to be able to try the tasty looking food other people were having.

The wait was relatively long – over 45 minutes or so, but thanks to the ever entertaining Brazilian soap operas on the big TV we didn’t take notice of the time too much. Another thing I really liked about Multibocas is their direct attitude: for example if you ask for some juice, they don’t waste their time pouring you a glass of juice like they would in many other restaurant. They bring you the 1L carton of juice and a glass, and you may do whatever you please with it. Personally, I like that, it makes me feel more at home.

What I didn’t like so much however, was my food. The fish was rather bland with almost no flavour (not even salty!) but having tried my friends’ foods I must say their meals were perfectly adequate. The meat was particularly good and in large portions, and at the end we only paid 2000 kwanzas each including a couple of cartons of juice and a couple of beers. Very good value indeed, bearing in mind you’re in Ilha.

I would certainly come back to Multibocas again for a cheap and cheerful dinner, but I will come a bit earlier to have more choice off the menu and stick to the meat dishes next time. I think this is a fine place to start your night out before hitting the bars on Ilha, especially if you don’t feel adventurous enough to go for the street food on Ilha but still prefer not to spend your monthly salary in one night.


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