Ilha’s Street Food (End of Ilha) – CLOSED

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No exactly a restaurant, but since it’s an excellent way to eat grilled fish and not ruin yourself on Ilha, we had to mention it. These little stalls are pretty much everywhere on Ilha, but the nicest place to go to is at the end of Ilha (punto da Ilha i think in Portuguese). I usually prefer the ones that are not located on the ocean’s side because they are less noisy, but it’s up to you. For less than a 1000 kwanzas, you can get here a delicious grilled fish with sweet potatoes, banana and manioc plus drinks. The hygiene is good for street food and i’ve never felt sick after that. The only problem is that there is no street lighting so after dark, you cannot even see your plate.. The area is not so safe either, so don’t bring too much stuff with you, as usual. We recommend you this place.


  1. Claudio Silva

    I love it that you guys included a Ponta da Ilha on your reviews. People are usually petrified of street food (omg it’s africa! Oh the horrors! So unhygienic!) so the fact that you guys not only went there but enjoyed yourselves and posted a review of the place makes you definetly have ‘street credibility’ and affords you honorary Luandan citizenship, at least in my eyes 🙂 And it definitely means you are expats out of the ordinary. There are few things better in life than an end of the afternoon treat of choco grelhados w/ a nice, cold Cuca after a day at beach. Keep up the good work, you guys are making me die of saudade over here.

    Claudio from Caipirinha Lounge

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