Hamburg Miramar Snack Bar

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Hamburg Miramar was introduced to me as being the best burger in town and though I will have to wait a bit longer before confirming that, I must say it was quite good over there!
It is a snack bar about 200 meters away from the American embassy, on Rua Dunduma, with no exterior sign so you will have to be very careful when walking by or you will miss it.
The price is moderate also, 600 kwanzas for a huge burger and 150 kwanzas for a drink. It’s not fine dining, but if you leave nearby, it’s a very good place to go for a snack.
Interesting enough, they have an excellent website where you can order your sandwich via internet… Please check


  1. S Gupta

    Hi. I like reading your blog very much. I have a question from you please. Is hygiene of food good here? I am scared to eat food made in streets because they are not clean

    Thank you

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