Coming Soon: Kafé Stockholm (CLOSED)

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UPDATE June 13th 2013: We’ve gone to Kafe Stockholm and reviewed it.

UPDATE August 2014: Kafe Stockholm has now closed.

Coming soon as in, tomorrow! Spread the word: Swedish café culture and their famous bulgur salads are finally arriving in Luanda, right at a time when Nordic cuisine is enjoying a sort of renaissance on the world stage, with places like Noma in Copenhagen being declared the “World’s Best Restaurant” and their chef, René Redzepi, suddenly a household name. Not that Kafé Stockholm’s light cuisine is Danish, but you get our general drift. In a city (and country!) with zero Nordic or Scandinavian food establishments, this is a very welcome development. One of Luanda Nightlife’s super-secret spies/contributors snapped the above photo of the location of the establishment, around Mutu ya Kevela area (Liceu Salvador Correia) and right in the heart of Ingombotas. Highlights for this new café, besides the aforementioned assortment of coffees and bulgur salads, include delivery to your home or workplace, and, if you order it 24 hours in advance, your very own Smörgåstårta. Google it.

Once we go see the place tomorrow, we’ll soon have a review for you. Until then, peep their letter of presentation below (in Portuguese):



  1. Anonymous

    I must confess that when I heard that this cafe would open, I was catch up.
    Located in one of the most well-known area (Ingombotas) of the city, small but well presented.
    Delicate decor with tons of black, white & lavender, open from Monday to Friday. It offers you a healthy food and innovative cuisine. You can find the very famous bulgur and mix it with salmon or chicken and take it as your lunch. For desert a piece of Limon pie will give you the necessary strength to face the second part of a work day.
    If you are a fan of coffee, try the cappuccino and the macchiato.
    Price and quality are aligned and coherent and they do take away.
    A place to visit for sure.

  2. Anonymous

    Kaffe Stockholm is wonderful! Great staff, good food, fair prices. Hopefully they stay in business, I hear they have had some challenges recently.

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