Chez Wou (Ilha de Luanda)

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So for a second time in the space of a week we are reviewing a Chinese restaurant. And we make no apologies for it given how long we’ve been neglecting the needs of the ever expanding Chinese community in Luanda. Needless to say, here at Luanda Nightlife, we are not in the business of angering any Chinese people!

Chez Wou is probably the most famous Chinese restaurant in Luanda. I never know which one is Chez Wou I and which is the number II, but I’m talking about the one at the beginning of Ilha, on the way to Chicala, with the grand exterior. I think this is the more modern of the two. The building is 4 or 5 storeys high but the restaurant occupies only the 1st floor. I’ve made a lot of speculations about what could be located in the remaining floors, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it very certainly holds a massage parlour, a casino or a karaoke. The interior decoration makes you feel like you are in a Chinese restaurant, which is usually a good start. It is not grandiose, but different enough from your own kitchen to make you feel disoriented for the first 5 minutes. They seem to have people of all ages working there, from the young Chinese waitresses to the old couple who greeted me. As with every other Chinese restaurant, service is quick (15-20 minutes max) and professional. The menu is long and written in French, English, and Mandarin, with an average price of 2000 kwanzas for a main dish. We found the food was OK but not that excellent given the reputation of Chez Wou.

One thing that does distinguish Chez Wou from the other places is their rotating round tables. I’m a big fan of the old round table as you can see and talk to all your friends more easily. The rotating top also provides some fun and games for customers, no matter how old they are! And of course it’s a handy way to share food with others at your table. Just look at the photos and see how we are having fun!

Chez Wou
Av. Mortala Mohamed nº 50 R/C – Ilha do Cabo. Luanda
Tel. +244 222 309 517 – Mob. +244 924 237 190
Fax. + 244 222 309 583


  1. Anonymous

    A very nice restaurant.
    the cool thing about this restaurant (apart from the speed at which the food is made) is that it closes late, it’s not uncommon to call at 22-+ for orders+take away and they still accept, which is not the usual in Luanda.

    The only thing is that the food is not super tasty and that all their chicken plates taste the same.

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