Al Amir

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Al Amir is a new Lebanese restaurant and I must say I was quite impressed by the place. It is currently one of my favourite addresses for eating in Luanda because the food is affordable (plate of shawarma meat with salad & chips for only 1200 kwanzas) , the service is perfect and the place is very clean. They also sell some nice looking cakes and biscuits, and they have the largest and best choice of ice-cream and sorbet I’ve seen in Luanda.

We recommend Al Amir Restaurant.

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Al-Amir Restaurante, Pastelaria, Paderia, Geladeria, Take Away
Rua Fernao de Sousa, 21/23
Tel.: 923 336418/928 347666


  1. Luís Rochinha

    Hi, the location of the restaurant is not correct. It’s a little bit more to the left, after the Chamavo crossing.
    By the way, I love your site.

  2. Carlos Vasquez

    Almost daily lunch at Al Dar or O Regente restaurants, so close to work. Now I’m finding new options with this page.

    1. Author
      Luanda Nightlife

      Hi Mostafa,

      Unfortunately this restaurant does not have a website. What specific information are you looking for? We might be able to help.

  3. yass

    Eu amei este lugar e vou lá sempre que eu posso….especialmente pelas fajitas que são um espetáculo estão de parabéns 🙂

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