Teatro Elinga (Downtown Luanda)

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Este artigo foi escrito em 2009

Desde lá, muito já mudou no Elinga. Leia aqui o nosso mais recente texto sobre este lugar único.

Elinga is back, and apparently it is back for good! For those who were in Luanda last year, you may have been to one of the at least 10 “Last party of Elinga before closure”, which were all really great! Elinga is by far my favourite bar in Luanda for different reasons: No traffic jam to go to Ilha, excellent music (international standard DJing in my opinion), moderate price and all that in an old, historical building with a lot of charm. The place is crowded with ONG, UN and embassy workers, and it is also popular with gays, making the atmosphere quite different than in any other bars in Luanda. Many expats, probably too many, but I hope it will become more popular among locals too.

The musical program can be quite varied… Before being a bar, Elinga Teatro is a cultural center in Luanda with many art shows, concert, and other cultural events. They have reggae, house, electro, blue, jazz, samba nights.. The best you can do if you like the place is to subscribe to their newsletter: x.movimento at gmail.com.

For about six months, Elinga had become a gathering point for Angolan rastafaris, among which the always popular Remi branch, also called the D’aarti Galôong movement, which originated in the early 2000 in the urban district of Maianga. I don’t know if they will still be allowed to use the locals.

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Teatro Elinga
Near the BPC Building
Largo Tristao da Cunha 17,
Rua Amilcar Cabral, LuandaTel. +244 92 12 71 858
Tel. +244 91 25 95 798


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    I have been at Elinga for the past two weekends…where do you upload pictures???

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