Pub Royal (PR) – CLOSED

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Pub Royal (also called PR) is a typical african-expat prostitute bar, filled with congolese and angolan girls, and oil workers (mostly contractors). I did have fun there however, because a lot of alcohol had perveted all my moral values. That would be my advice if you go there, do drink irresponsibly and let yourself go.
The entrance fee is 2000 kwanzas I think and you get something like 4 or 5 beers for that. There are two floors, but all the action is upstairs, with the albinos DJ playing a bit of everything danceable, African or western music.
On the way out, be extra careful because we had some problems once with kids. Do not walk at all in this area.


  1. Johnny

    Where is Contencioso located? The girls are Angolan, good looking and nice? Do I have to pay to enter?

  2. Anonymous

    Contencioso is located 50 meters from the Air France agency, 9, R Cirilo Conceição Silva-LUANDA
    Tel: 222 337 176

    The girls are very hot and angolan… you don’t have to pay for enter but you will have to buy drinks, quite expensive..It’s very small, so only about 5-10 hostesses..

  3. Johnny

    Sounds nice. Never visited a place like this in Luanda. I felt that the few places that might exist were pretty bad. But with so many expatriats in Luanda, mostly men, this would seem like a type of business that could be very successfull.

  4. Anonymous

    The place is disssssgusting and so r the men that go there. hellllo!! and yesss im a girl

  5. Anonymous

    I agree with the girl who says the place, and the customers are disgusting……….it didn’t however stop me from having a great time there when I was last in Luanda 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    I know the royal pub because even worked there as a prostitute, but would really like to know this (litigation). The royal has a lot do not like ugly woman

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