Jango Veleiro

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Jango Veleiro is a big restaurant/bar/club famous in Luanda for being one of the best nightlife spot to finish a night of party. It is opened until 8am so many clubbers come there after all the other places on Ilha close. The atmosphere is nice because you have people with usually a high level of drunkenness, a great party spirit, and the beach nearby. If you feel too tired to dance, there is a large buffet, a bit expensive, for which you pay depending on the weight of your plate. Free entrance. The music changes every 10 minutes, with all the popular tracks in Angola, from kizomba to house.

During day time, it is quite a nice place to eat, though overpriced, with angolan and international dishes. I think it’s enjoyable especially for the setting, not really for the food. I would recommend to eat somewhere else before and just come here for a drink.

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Jango Veleiro
Av. Murtala Mohamed – Ilha de Luanda
Telephone number: 222 309 071 / 222 309 068 / 222 309 278 / 222 309 060 / 222 309 154
Email address: jveleiro@hotmail.com


  1. c

    Nice place to find some local angolan girls on Friday and Saturday. Other nights is almost empty.

  2. Anonymous

    Every-time I tried to call at Jango u guys don’t answer the calls. I think u should improve ur phone services instead of giving wrong numbers… Facing the other side u have a good restaurant and u should keep like that.

  3. Anonymous

    Jango Veleiro is an amazing restaurant, but u should improve more when cooking the food and low the prices of it! When you weight the food for people to pay you have to bear in mind the weight of the plate, and when weighing the food do not add the weight of the plate with the weight of the food because this is wrong!!! People do not pay for the plate, they pay for the food they’re going to eat! The other thing is that the beach that make part/is near Jango should not be private because Angolan people like to go to the beach. So what you have to is open your restaurant daily and let the people enjoy the beach and have some fun… 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    The service is bad. Waiters are not trained to do that type of work. Sometime you finish your food and there’s no drink!
    Food is quite good. Drinks are super expensive! A bottle of mineral water is around $10 and a beer (glass) is $4!!.
    I would recommend only for the live music and perhaps the food

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