Flamingo Restaurant Hotel Bar Pool

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Flamingo restaurant is just about 200 meters from where we live, and that is pretty much the only reason why we tried it, because from the outside it doesn’t look very appealing. We didn’t really expect fine food nor anything special when we visited the place, and we were right: We were served average food (pizza and grilled chicken with French fries for 3000 kwanzas), similar in taste to that of any run-down office canteen, in a somehow kitschy environment. Most patrons seems to be construction contracted workers who also probably stay in the hotel and they all seem to know each others.

In spite of that, I was amused by the place and felt comfortable thanks to the two very nice waitresses and the general feel-like-home atmosphere. Another reason why I could go back is for the little bar they have and its brand new pool table making it the best nightlife spot in boring Maianga… Not really recommended though, let’s stay realistic.

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Contact details: Aparthotel Flamingo
Rua Presidente Marien Ngouabi 37 – Maianga
Tel: (244) 2-2233-8598, 2-2237-0613, 2-2237-0666
E-mail: imbondexturistica@ebonet.net