A Tendinha Restaurante & Cervejaria

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The Tendinha is a very popular restaurant stuck between two large buildings on Missao street, in front of Tropico Hotel. It is always packed during lunch hours and you might have to wait a few minutes before sitting down. Don’t worry, it won’t be long because the turnover is high. People go in and go out all the time. An army of waiters will take your order the second you enter the restaurant, and the dish will be on your table no more than 3 minutes later… There is an outside terrace, and a small eating room inside, decorated with many angolan artefacts and paintings. Clients are a mix of everything: Angolans, portuguese, expatriates, but also construction workers sitting next to beautiful trendy girls! All these people are talking, laughing and eating in a fast moving environment… waouh for a second I thought I was in a parisian bistro!

There are quite many items on the menu! Probably 10 dishes of the day, mostly portuguese and angolan favourites like calulu, fish and bitoque. The average price is 2000 Kwz, plus 200 for a soft drink.. It’s not very expensive I think considering how popular the place is, but the food is only average. There is a small bakery inside also, with good cakes and biscuits.

I recommend you to go to the Tendinha for the atmosphere, even if you don’t work/leave nearby for eating or for a drink (it is also a cervejaria, a beerhouse). It’s open from 8h30 to 22h.

Update: We came back to the Tendinha today for lunch, and this time we waited about twenty minutes for our dish… But we were 5 people eating the same dish so maybe this explains that..

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