Lookal – Sao Jorge Beach Club

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Lookal is the renovated Sao Jorge restaurant, to which I had never been to. The result is excellent: Lookal puts together a bar, a restaurant, a club and the beach into one single area where you can easily spend your whole afternoon, your evening and your night. There is a DJ in the middle of Lookal playing all day long an original mix of funk/house/brazilian/top 40 songs.

The decoration is perfect and at the time of writing, everything is still new so it really feels like we are in a trendy place in Europe like Ibiza. In spite of that, it is cheaper than Chillout or Caribe for the food and drinks. At night, girls have to pay 1000 kwanzas to enter with one drink and guys pay 3000 kwanzas for 3 drinks. I was a little bit disappointed at night because people were not dancing so much, and at 3AM everybody had left. I didn’t try the food yet, but I will update the blog when I do.

Conclusion: Recommended place for a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon, but it doesn’t beat my favourite beach bar on Ilha: The Bordão

Lookal Sao Jorge
Av Murtala Mohamed
Luanda (Ilha do Cabo)
Phone Number: (+244) 923 596 114