Le Petit Bistrot

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Este artigo foi escrito em 2009

Desde lá, muito já mudou neste restaurante. Leia aqui o nosso texto mais recente sobre o Petit Bistrot.

Le Petit Bistro opened less than a week ago, and it is to my knowledge the only French restaurant in Luanda. Already, some people are calling it “Chez Antoine”, the name of the French owner.

It is very small inside, with a maximum capacity of 30/40 people I would say, with a simple but neat decoration.

The menu is quite short, with only a few dishes, costing a little less than 2000 kwanzas for the entrées and around 3000 kwanzas for the main dish. As we were not sure about the location of the restaurant, we had eaten a little bit before coming, so we only took a gaspacho for my friend, and a fish for me. The waiter, who speaks french, as well as the manager (who seems to be Antoine’s cousin), was very patient and welcoming. We were served really fast, in maybe 15 minutes, which have to be my personal record for Luanda (after Tendinha).

We both enjoyed our dishes, even on our already full stomach. We will have to come back to try the dessert and the rest.

I think it will become a popular address, and it’s nice that Luanda’s town center is having more and more bars and restaurants opening..

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Le Petit Bistro (Chez Antoine)
Rua Amílcar Cabral nª92 Mutamba
Tel. +244 934117817