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La Pasta is loacated just above the Portugalia restaurant, at the entrance of Ilha. It has the reputation of being the best Italian restaurant in town. Luanda-Nightlife had postponed a visit there a few times but we were finally able to make it last Friday to see how it compares with my current favourite Italian place: Don Castellana Elio.

We had heard very good recommendations so we were not surprised to find that La Pasta is very clean and nicely decorated to European standards. There are large windows all around the room that give a good view of Luanda but it’s probably better during the day than at night. They had a problem with AC that evening apparently, which caused us to leave quickly once we had finished eating because we could not stand the heat.

The dishes are quite expensive, especially if you take pasta. Pizzas will cost you around 3000 pizzas but they may be the best pizzas in Luanda: Large, lot of cheese, fresh ingredients. My friends who had ordered risotto were a bit disappointed: Their dish was good but certainly too expensive for what they got. In the end, we paid 5500 kwanzas each for just a main dish + wine (1 bottle at 3500 kwanzas). The service was very attentive and, this is the first time it happens in Luanda: We were served our dishes in no time, less than 15 minutes!

Conclusion: I recommend La Pasta if you like good pizzas, but for the other dishes, I think I still prefer Don Castellana Elio restaurant.


  1. Eduardo

    The acoustic of this restaurant its a disgrace, impossible to have a quite meal. Went with 4 friends, who order regular food liked, but the pizzas are very very bad.

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