Hotel Presidente Luanda

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This week was again very tough on our wallet, with yet another high-end restaurant reviewed… The Hotel Presidente (ex-Le Meridien) is much less modern than its main rivals, Hotel Tropico and Hotel Alvalade, but I find it has much more charm and that the view, especially from the bar, is great.
The restaurant has a french name, La Rotisserie, and few of the waiters speak good french. It is not french food though, but a mix of portuguese, angolan and international dishes. I had the buffet there, which costs 7125 kwanzas, excluding drinks. It is really expensive, but clearly overpriced. In fact, I don’t think there are customers going there if their company is not paying for it. Of course, you have excellent choice and quality of food for this price (especially desserts) and the service is perfect.

The bar of the Presidente is very strange, and is rather similar to an airport lounge, with half the clients typing on their laptop, and the other one waiting nervously with a suitcase at their feet. I actually love to sit there and look at all the people coming and leaving, wondering what in heck they are doing here. It looks very cheap and dated but it is one of my favourite in Luanda.

Something worth saying: We had parked our car almost right in front of the hotel, and still, some kids were a bit aggressive in asking for money. It was a bit strange that they could do that so close from the Hotel, with the guards not even 25 meters away from us. I know that the area around the harbour is really unsafe, so be careful, especially at night.

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Luanda Hotel Presidente (ex -Hotel Meridien)
Largo 4 de Fevereiro
Luanda 5791 Angola
Phone: 244 2 311717

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