Mukua Discoteca

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As a true “caluanda”, I had never really ventured out of our crazy little town, so it was with great excitement that we took the infamous Estrada de Catete (the road of death swore my friend!) on a little trip to Viana to celebrate our 3rd month of blogging. One of our targets was the Mukua night club, whose fame rivals that of Chillout in this part of Angola and is considered to be as one of the best clubs of Luanda nightlife. Unfortunately, we just came a week after a big party to celebrate the ten years of the club, and the crowd was a little leaner than usual. But we didn’t really mind, that only meant we had much more room to boogie!

Mukua has too floors, yet it is quite small and I liked how it feels very intimate. The configuration makes it easy to meet people, who were quite opened and friendly with us. I was surprised to see many Portuguese and Brazilians, probably working in construction, some of them with girls much younger and prettier than them and we thought they could be prostitutes. They didn’t illuminate the club with their dance moves but still, it was good to have them in order to make us look not too bad.

For the music, I was expecting a lot of kizomba, which I must confess is not always of my liking, but there was also quite a bit of Hip-hop, Rn’B and House music, sometimes retro, sometimes more recent. The DJ was good but the music quite loud and you could feel your body kind of shaking by itself, without you having to put too much thought into it. In fact, I noticed that there wasn’t anybody in a short perimeter around the main speaker as no one seemed to be able to bear with the decibels coming out of it.

The entrance fee is 1500 kwanzas and you get 4 beers or 2 hard drinks for that.

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