“Why it’s Time to Hang Ten in Angola”

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Há cerca de onze dias o Huffington Post publicou um artigo escrito por Zandre Campos, CEO da empresa Angola Capital Investments, sobre o potencial da indústria de turismo em Angola, principalmente o potencial de surf. O comentário da leitora Luísa Almeida, no final do post disse tudo: “Nasci e cresci em Lobito, Angola. As praias são lindas, o pôr do sol inesquecível, a política repugnante.

11 days ago Huffington Post published an article written by Zandre Campos, CEO of Angola Capital Investments, about the positive potential of the Angolan tourism industry, especially within the surfing community. The Facebook comment at the end of the piece, written by a Luisa Almeida, is particularly telling: “Born and raised in Lobito, Angola. The beaches are beautiful, the sunsets unforgettable, the politics abhorrent.” Read a short excerpt of the article below:

In addition to its sandy beaches, Angola boasts all types of dramatic landscapes — tropical rainforests, mountain ranges, plunging waterfalls and winding rivers. There are six internationally-recognized national parks, including Kissama National Park, one of the largest in Africa, and six nature reserves. For those interested in wildlife, game parks and eco-tourism, Angola holds great potential.

In Luanda, beautiful colonial architecture and spectacular churches and cathedrals mix with modern skyscrapers. The capital’s nightlife offers a distinct Brazilian spice, reflecting Angola’s heritage, with a variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

As reported by Macauhub.com, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, by 2020 Angola is expected to host 4.6 million tourists who will provide estimated revenue of $4.7 billion. As forecast, tourism revenue would account for about 3% of GDP and generate some one million jobs. In 2014 alone, tourism accounted for $1.5 billion in revenue.

But Angola remains more or less an undiscovered treasure. One of the obstacles to developing Angola’s tourism sector is the country’s onerous visa procedure. The visa situation hampers Angola severely in the competitive global market for international tourism. Most countries in the region provide US, EU and other citizens a visa upon arrival or have no visa requirements at all. Angola requires an official letter of invitation, documents concerning the purpose of travel, a copy of the travel itinerary and proof of funds, all of which must be approved. Ordinary visas last only 30 days and can be renewed twice, but the procedure is slow.

Read the rest of Mr. Campos’ article on the Huffington Post.

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